Gilets Jaunes Protests

Following the movement of "gilet jaunes," named after the yellow high-visibility jackets French motorists must carry in their vehicles, which has morphed into a movement of many colors, spanning the social and political spectrums. Starting as a protest against the rising fuel and living costs implemented by President Macron and his government, it has quickly grown into a movement against the President himself, with many feeling that he is arrogant and out of touch with the French Nation, turning thousands to riot in Paris and across France. The movement have already announced that their ‘revolution’ continues and will be returning for the next round of protests on 15th December.

Portraits of French #Gilets Jaunes

Is the remake of May 1968 occurring in December 2018 ? 

December 9th, 2018, France woke up, totally dazed and muffled within the wave of violence that recently swept some quarters of the country, the first Advent day.

It has been the darling of the media for the past couple days, the topic that is on everyone's lips.  Whether one is pro or against the #gilets jaunes movement, you can’t escape the overwhelming societal transition that is taking place. Away from the violence of a few, the movement transcends all age ranges, social groups and political ideals, the #gilets jaunes choosing to march together, peacefully, united in their concerns facing economic and social changes which are currently operating within France and their dislike and distrust for President Macon and his government.

Through the detour of small streets or big avenues, I met some #gilets jaunes, who symbolically reflect portraits of thousand of demonstrators, without being the movement spokespersons but messengers in the middle of  a crowd walking cheerfully toward the Arc de Triomphe on a damp and drizzly Saturday.

Backstage at the Opera

Opera Behind the scenes 2007–18 featuring amongst others companies including Welsh National Opera, Cape Town Opera, Opera Comique & Royal Ballet witnessing the secrets, fears, personalities, laughter & hard work of those who present the spectacle of opera to us, without the pretence of character shown to the audience from the stage, a world rarely witnessed by outsiders, dimly lit and governed by old traditions & routine.

Refugees, Northern Europe


There are currently around 1500 refugees living in northern France.  They are sleeping rough in the worst conditions and are not allowed to even have tents for shelter from the elements.  Their sleeping bags and possessions are regularly confiscated by the police as, since the closure of the ‘Jungle’ camp in October 2016, the authorities are determined to prevent another permanent camp from reforming. This is an ongoing project documenting the situation in conjunction with the charity Care4Calais.

British Food Producers

A series of portraits chartering the award winning Food and Produce within the United Kingdom. From award winning Cauliflower, Cider, Cheese, Honey, Fish to mind blowing Chocolate Brownies.