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Kiran is an award winning photographer working throughout Europe and Asia, concentrating on news, social political topics and the human experience. 

After picking up a camera for the first time at the age of 16, he was enthralled at the ability to capture and bear witness to history in the making. Fascinated by people and natural curious by the human condition, Kiran is passionate in documenting ongoing situations throughout the world, capturing the human dynamic, trying to seize the unexpected in a succession of unique moments, whether in our hopes and dreams, or our anger.

Now, his work has is published throughout the world including The Sunday Times Magazine, The Times and The Financial Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, Le Point, Welt, El Pais, Forbes, Observer and Guardian newspapers, Time, Spiegel, Economist Magazine, GQ, Le Point and Conde Nast amongst many others.

Most recently he has won the Kolga Tbilisi Reportage Award and the TAPSA Scholarship for his reportage on Hong Kong and  first prize in the Editorial News Category of the 2019 ND Awards for his work on the Gilet Jaune movement in France. He has been a finalist in the Association of Photographers ‘Document’ Awards, Highly Commended in the Ian Parry Award and finalist for 'Young Photographer of the Year' in the 'Picture Editor’s Awards'.

He has also been nominated and finalist in two major international awards - The Observer Hodge Award and The Tom Webster Award. This year his work also featured in the BPPA’s 2019 Assignments exhibition, touring the UK. 

Based in Paris his work is distributed with leading photographic agencies Getty Images (Europe) and Polaris Images in the United States.


Kiran Ridley est un photographe reporter britannique distingué par des prix prestigieux :

- Finaliste des prix de l’Association des Photographes « Document » - 2004

- Finaliste du « UK Picture Editor’s Awards » pour le prix du « Jeune Photographe de l’année » - 2003

- Lauréat de la bourse « Ian Parry » - 2001

- Finaliste de 2 grands prix internationaux– « The Observer Hodge Award », pour son essai photographique sur la fermeture d'un hôpital et la même année le « Tom Webster Award » pour son reportage sur Hong Kong - 1999

Parmi les autres récompenses, citons la photo de l'année du magazine BBC Music, le prix CBAT, ainsi que le UK Silver Heiss Award.

Il exerce son activité de photographe professionnel indépendant au Royaume-Uni et en France sur des projets d’envergure européenne et internationale.

Kiran est régulièrement sollicité par des compagnies artistiques, des théâtres, ou encore des solistes : le Cirque du Soleil, l’Opéra National du pays de Galles, l’Opéra-Comique (Paris); il couvre aussi de nombreux projets éditoriaux et réalise des commandes institutionnelles.

Il a également réalisé de nombreuses collaborations et productions avec la presse internationale : The Sunday Times Magazine, The Times, LA Times, New York Times, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Le Figaro, Le Point, El Pais, Welt, The Independent on Saturday Magazine, The Independent, The Guardian Magazine, Observer, The Guardian, The Economist Magazine…….


TAPSA Scholarship 2020 - Hong Kong Pro Democracy Protests: Revolution of our Time

ND Awards 2019 : First Prize, Editorial News - Gilets Jaunes Protests

ND Awards 2018 : General News - Anti-Fascist's Paris

ND Awards 2018 : Editorial Documentary - Blindness in Ethiopia

ND Awards 2018 : Editorial Documentary - Opera

Creative Quarterly 2018 : Winner Professional Photographer : Stonehenge Summer Solstice

AOP (Association of Photographers) 'Document' Awards, 2005

Picture Editors Awards 'Young Photographer of the Year' 2003

Ian Parry Award, 2001

Observer Hodge Award, 2000

Tom Webster Award, 1999

BBC Music Photograph of the Year

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