Is this 1968 again ?

Following the movement of the "gilet jaunes" or "yellow vests", whose name was given after the French law that requires all drivers to carry a Gilet Jaune or Yellow Vest. Initially a protest against rising fuel taxes and cost of living the movement has very quickly turned to encompass other social issues particularly the inequality of the French social system under the Macron government, spanning the social and political spectrums across France, and has quickly grown into a movement against the President himself, with many feeling that he is arrogant and out of touch with the French Nation. Every Saturday since November thousands have turned out in the French capital to demonstrate peacefully but often experiencing excessive force from the police, with hundreds receiving life changing injuries, in the worst period of social unrest in France since 1968. The absence of leaders or visible political directions has made the movement unique, spanning the French political and social classes, from the left to the right of the political spectrum, from millionaires to the unemployed, united in their dislike for President Macron and his government’s policies.

Gilets Jaunes Riots - A yellow vest protestor waves the French Tricolor flag on top of a burning barricade during demonstrations on the Champs Elysees against fuel tax and rising living costs, Paris in November 2018.
'Gilets Jaunes', or 'Yellow Vest', protestors demonstrate on top of a burning barricade during demonstrations and violent clashes with the French Police on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
A 'Gilets Jaune', or 'Yellow Vest', protestor carrying a French tricolour flag looks over his shoulder at the burning barricades and the smoke filled sky, during demonstrations and rioting on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
A 'Gilets Jaune' or 'Yellow Vest', protestor arches his back as he hurls a tear gas shell back at police during clashes with French Riot Police as demonstrations turn violent on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
A French CRS Riot Policeman looks on at 'Gilet Jaunes' or 'Yellow Vest' protestors from behind his riot shield during violent confrontations on the Champs Elysees in Paris,
A 'Gilet Jaunes' or 'Yellow Vest' protestor is knocked to the ground as French CRS Riot Police charge a protestors, during violent clashes between protestors and police around the Champs Elysees, Paris.
Four French CRS Police beat a 'Gilets Jaunes' or 'Yellow Vest' protestor on the floor amidst tear gas, during violent demonstrations around the Champs Elysees in Paris, France.
A 'Gilet Jaunes' or 'Yellow Vest' protestor shows his chest to reveal the mark of where he was shot with a rubber bullet by police, during violent clashes between demonstrations and police around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
A lone 'Gilets Jaune', or 'Yellow Vest', protestor walks through a burning barricade waving the French Tricolour flag triumphantly towards a line of French Police during demonstrations near the Champs Elysees in Paris.
French fireman extinguish burning vehicles left by 'Gilets Jaunes', or 'Yellow Vest' rioters near the Champs Elysees amidst dense smoke and tear gas.
A hooded 'Gilets Jaune', or 'Yellow Vest', protestor looks looks to the skies through a cloud of thick black smoke and burning barricades, during demonstrations and rioting in Paris.
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